Xrunner hold obstacle course races that are aimed at allowing the whole family to take part so they have a 5k for families were everyone in the family is 12 years old and over, for younger children than 12 years old there is a 1.5k obstacle run and there is a 10k obstacle run for adults who feel up to the challenge. This year they have two more runs until 2020. One of the obstacle races is called “waterwipeout” on Thursday 6th July 2019 which is being hosted at the water sports centre in Nottingham where there will be a mix of different obstacles from ones you have to climb to ones you have to swim. The second one is called “wildwarrior” which is being held on Saturday 21st September is more land based but still has some water related obstacles but has a lot more climbing and getting in the mud. Here is a link to their website where you can buy places and get a better look at what they offer.