I have always loved working with small businesses and solo workers, understanding as much about the business and person behind it, so that their personality shines through their website.

Hello, my name is Laura, I started my business Anchor Online Designs three years ago, designing, building and maintaining WordPress websites. Web design had been a hobby of mine since 2009, In 2016 I decided to take some web development courses, WordPress development courses and several smaller courses to refresh my knowledge. I started with my youngest sons, then preschool website and haven’t stopped designing since. I have always loved the way WordPress gives you so much freedom to design what ever you like, it has changed the face of web design, whereas years ago it would require someone with vast knowledge of coding to create you a website and the costs would run into the thousands, now with WordPress software, web design has become so much more accessible.

Over the years I have changed and grown my business a lot. I have been looking at different ways I can help other small business owners recently and this has prompted me to create WordPress workshops, set to start in April. These will be aimed at helping small business owners gain the knowledge and practical skills to work on their own WordPress website confidently and master all the tricky behind the scenes stuff in a no-nonsense fashion. Due to run in the Nottingham to Leicester area.

My top tip would be: Create a Blog on your website, it’s the best way to show your customers/clients that you are knowledgable in your field and it’s also a great way to improve your sites SEO. Google loves websites that offer regular fresh content to their visitors.

To complement this and help with writing, organising and planning out your posts for a whole year, I have designed a cost effective Blog Planner, currently available on Amazon

If you would like to be first to find out more about the WordPress workshops you can join my mail list on www.anchoronline.co.uk

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Laura Goodsell, Anchor Online Designs