By Vicki Hendry Aesthetic Specialist and Skin Care Professional At Face Up for Beauty


Winter skincare…ok, what’s the difference from my usual skincare that I should be interested in, you might well ask? Love it or not, the cold, ice and slush, the harsh winds and wintry weather have descended and the chances are your skin will not be happy. When it’s cold, we wrap ourselves up in a warm coat, hat, scarf but we need a skincare equivalent for your face to avoid feeling tight, sore, and dry


Consultations at Face Up are free of charge. We have been here in Derby for over 36 years and we know we are all constantly bombarded with images and ads that make all sorts of incredible claims, it can be really confusing for you.

So we do all the research, the legwork and the testing to weed out the hype and bring results driven treatments and products to you so you get something that actually works AND is great value for money.

Book an appointment to have a chat with one of our friendly skincare gurus who can help you with advice and recommendations for your skin concerns.

We understand how scary it might seem, the idea of trying somewhere new, or talking about something that really bothers or embarrasses you but we really are great listeners.

We can help you work out a plan for your routine at home and what salon treatments we offer that would suit you best, for your skin concerns, your budget and your time.

No point having a complicated skincare routine if you do not have the time to follow it so…we like to KISS (Keep It Simple Sweetie!)

2. CLEANSE Because your skin can be more delicate in winter, avoid anything that’s excessively abrasive, hold off with those grittier scrubs as this can lead to irritation. Reach for Elizabeth Arden PRO Gentle Facial Cleanser, with hydration boosting Lactic Acid, to help rid your skin of any dulling buildup, congestion and promote a healthy cell turnover rate.

3. HYDRATE We are made up of over 70% water, so make sure you drink enough to keep hydrated, aid digestion and give your skin a healthy glow.

4. NOURISH Typically, we advise using a different skincare routine during the winter months, to upgrade to a more nourishing moisturiser to help hydrate and protect the skin from harsh conditions. Serums are a great booster that helps give your moisturiser an extra kick.

5. PROTECT The name sunscreen is really misleading. We don’t just need to think of protecting from the sun during holidays and summer weather, we need to protect our skin everyday from daylight. BEAUTYPROMO Skin is exposed every day to harmful UV from daylight, all year round, causing pigmentation, premature ageing and sensitivity.

Don’t worry about not getting enough vitamin D…you only need 15 minutes daily sun exposure and it doesn’t just have to be the face! The cheapest, most effective, all round anti ageing product you could ever use on your face is a good quality Daylight Defense product.

We recommend Vitage Skin Defence SPF30, which is unlike thick, gloopy traditional sunscreens.

This is a lightweight protective shield suitable for all skins, for both men and women, to provide complete UV protection that also soothes and hydrates. And we really hate to nag but our advice about sunbeds for a bit of ‘winter colour, to get a healthy glow’? No, no, no, never not ever. The only safe tan is a fake one. Fact. Sorry not sorry for nagging. Make up…really? Yes!

It also protects the skin from harsh weather conditions and as long as you are 1) using the best type for your skin, which is where your savvy tip number 1 of a skin consultation comes in, to help find the most suitable products for you and, 2) removing it thoroughly, which is where savvy tip number 2 of cleansing effectively comes in, it will not cause any problems at all.

Our advice is to have a simple, effective skincare routine at home that gives you your best skin health, no drama, no faff, making your salon treatments even more effective. Keep in touch with us, we’d love to hear from you.

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