White Peak Distillery are a craft distillery who are focused on producing authentic, small batch spirits and the quality of the experience of their visitors and customers.


There is almost no such thing as ready. There is only now. And you may as well do it now. Generally speaking, now is as good a time as any.

(‘Now’, Hugh Laurie).

In mid-2016 we had no premises, no partners or staff, no permits or consents, nowhere near enough funding and no track record in the drinks & spirits industry. But I had a dream that I’d been carrying for years, of making whisky and other spirits in Derbyshire. I was fortunate to find some investors who liked my ideas, I met two great distillers and I found the perfect premises. I decided I’d reached my now.

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Where to Start

There was no single event or grand decision. We had a dream that evolved and a plan (the plan changed – a lot). A collection of events, conversations, chance meetings and genuine interest from lots of people meant that with every small step, it felt like we could make the Distillery a reality

‘Where’ was never in doubt. Derbyshire and the Peak District were at the heart of the dream from the beginning. We just needed to find the right location which we were fortunate to do early on. The former Johnson & Nephew wire works by a river and in an ancient woodland is an amazing location,

with a rich history, so much so that the valley in which we make our spirits was inscribed as a World Heritage site in 2001 . Everything we’ve done in the realisation of the Distillery and our spirits always comes back to our location – from the visitor experience to the yeasts we use in our whisky and the botanicals we use in our gins. Once we’d made a start we never looked back. Once we had our home, the belief and momentum started to build and continues today.





The ancient woodland of Shining Cliff, where the Distillery has its home, was the inspiration for our original Derbyshire dry gin. We sought a style of gin that reflects this beautiful location, and the woodland and hedgerows we pass every day. And some things were destined to be, such as rosehip, which was flourishing on the roof of our once dilapidated research & development bunker.

Our Floral gin is made from 13 botanicals, which we vapour distill to ensure we capture all of the delicate flavours. The finished result is a complex yet perfectly balanced, smooth dry gin, with a wonderful floral nose. Our Shining Cliff gin range also includes Citrus, Spiced and Bakewell Pud.

The look and feel for our Shining Cliff Gin range is also a reflection of the history and heritage of the location in which it is made, and where we’re fortunate to have the Distillery. The old entrance sign to the woods has influenced the bespoke bottle lettering, and the Victorian flourishes give it a sense of place, linking it to the Wire Works of the 19th century in which our gin is now made.




We set out to do something unique in the Peak District region where whisky had never before been made. This hasn’t meant throwing out traditions that have stood the test of time but we want to put down our marker. We take our time to create our spirit from English barley using a unique yeast blend with links to Derbyshire’s brewing heritage. Our fermentations are long, at the detriment of alcohol yield but critical for our focus on flavour. Our pot stills have been hand-built at a traditional coppersmith to our designs, to fit the character we want for our spirit.

Cask choice is important (although we think putting our soul into what goes into the cask is more important), and we selected our first casks from family-owned businesses where relationships matter. Our spirit is distilled and aged on site. This is why we are in Derbyshire; a unique environment for the entire journey of our whisky.


Derwent Wire Works
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