Roll up roll up Uncle Sam’s great American circus is back by popular demand. 2017 sees Uncles Sam’s biggest and best productions to date with a completely brand new star studded show.

This years all new star lineup includes Tony Garcia with supreme unique juggling skills with a very modern twist. The Diaz sisters will amaze with grace and strength high in the roof of the big top including contortion, balance and even hanging by their toes 13 meters high in the roof of the big top. This year’s hilarious comedy is brought to by the Tony Tonito clowns with their traditional circus slapstick routines who will audience members of all ages in stitches throughout this year’s performance.

Direct from Kenya our troupe of 7 Zulu worriers will display their incredible acrobatic skills with skipping tumbling somersaults and even an amazing display of power on the Chinese pole.

For the first time ever seen at Uncle Sam’s roller skating with a difference our duo will perform outstanding tricks whilst skating around their platform with splits, hangs and even one of our duo spinning from her neck.

The Diaz brothers perform foot juggling like no others as their juggling equipment for their act is each other with incredible balance they amaze crowds with twists turns flips and even an appearance from Uncle Sam’s youngest performer at just 6 years old.

The wheel of death features in this year’s programme with the finest wheel performers in Europe after winning many awards the Kovachev brothers are delighted to join Uncle Sam’s for 2017 show casing death defying feats on the wheel jumps, skipping, walking blindfolded and Nikolay will perform a somersault on the outside of the moving wheel he is only the artiste to attempt this most dangerous feat in the world.

Uncle Sam’s would not be Uncle Sam’s if we didn’t have the world famous thunder ball riders our South American team of stunt riders will once again amaze with their high speed motorcycle act in the giant globe whizzing around at break neck speeds even riding with no hands seeing really is believing. All this plus much much more in action packed family show makes Uncle Sam’s great American circus the greatest circus on planet earth. DONT MISS US!!!!!

The Most Interactive Circus in United Kingdom For Ticket Information please call: 07586832935 from 9:30am to 5:00pm