Trade Windows in Derby has worked on more than 40,000 installations in Derbyshire since it first opened its doors in 1993. Here Trade Windows’ expert for extensions, conservatories and orangeries Denis Pett talks about:

How to bring natural light into your home

When we are designing extensions, conservatories and orangeries, one of the top priorities is to bring lots of natural light into the room. We take into consideration the position of the room in relation to the sun, and we look for ways to maximise levels of natural light.

Better for reading

Natural light is much better for reading, it’s also great for any tasks where you may strain your eyes. Reducing the times where you need to switch on artificial light is much better for your eyes.

Better for living

It’s proven that increasing exposure to daylight is important because of the way it affects our moods. It releases serotonin, often called the happy hormone, which makes us feel better.

Better for your home

Increasing levels of natural light means reducing energy bills. Not only do you get the benefit of the light, but also the extra warmth from the sun.

So knowing the importance of natural light, we have several ways to bring more of it inside.


First there’s Skypod. It’s a very special glazed roof lantern. Because the glass goes above the roof height it maximises the amount of light coming into the room below. It’s perfect for any living area and especially good over a kitchen island or dining table.


If you don’t have a flat roof, then you could choose a roof light. These are available within Equinox, our tiled roof extensions and conservatory roof replacements. We can look at the direction of the sun to bring the most natural light in your room.

Wide-span doors

Choosing a bi-fold or sliding door means you can replace a whole wall with glass. If you want to get the most light possible when the doors are shut, chose sliding doors. But if you want to open up the widest space to the garden, a bi-fold door will give you the biggest opening.


Wherever you can add more glass, you’ll get the benefit of more light. Even if it’s on the north facing side of your home you’ll be surprised by how much light comes in. We can install fixed glazed panels to give extra light too.

We love designing extra space for people’s homes. We understand the importance of natural light and we have lots of ways to bring in more daylight.

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