If you are from Nottingham, and you consider yourself a foodie, then chances are you’ve heard of Johnny Pusztai. Also known as the man behind the Snobby Butcher brand, Johnny is a Master Butcher renowned for his multi-award-winning meats, and his passion and dedication to the craft.

Set in a modest building on Mansfield road, his shop could be any other, but once inside, you realise how truly extraordinary this independent butcher shop is. In a time where most people buy their meat online or at large chain supermarkets, there is something special about a traditional butcher shop like this one; offering the highest quality meats, personalised and friendly service with strong ties to the community.

The first thing you see when you walk into the shop is the front display case which boasts Over 60 varieties of freshly made, award-winning sausages; a modest selection, as Johnny explained there are “120 different kinds available on weekends”. Variations of prime cuts of beef sit within a case opposite, artfully arranged and prominently displayed with care, and an animated team of butchers can be seen working in the back of the shop through the always open door. All the products here are made in-house, with customers encouraged to see the process, know how their meat is prepared, and ask questions of the knowledgeable staff.

This open door approach is indicative of Johnny’s exemplary farm to fork ethos; all meat is sourced directly from 2 local farms,(one of which Johnny co-owns) and then brought to the shop. The meat is hung, cut, dried, prepared to order, and even smoked in Johnny’s very own smokehouse out back. The quality, care and skill that go into these products is apparent; In a day and age when butchery is a dying art, it is refreshing to experience a shop like this, where quality is paramount. Johnny’s Butcher shop is truly a showcase of the passion and craftsmanship and nothing short of fantastic.

As well as overseeing the butcher shop and supplying meat for discerning chefs throughout Nottinghamshire, including the one and only Sat Bains, Johnny also maintains additional ventures within the brand.

Along with a successful BBQ and hog roast company, the latest venture for the Snobby Butcher brand will be an intimate 30 seat bistro, set to open in the New Year. The Bistro will be an expansion of the butcher shop into the building next door, which Johnny says has been a venture 20 years in the making. The restaurant will showcase all of Johnny’s own meats and charcuterie, and traditionally inspired hearty Sunday roasts will be a weekly fixture; likely to be a huge draw of its own.

The Bistro will be unlike anything else in Nottingham; Along with regular appearances and pop up events hosted by well-known guest chefs throughout the year, the restaurant will offer a fully interactive experience for guests. Much like the wide range of quality meats available to customers at the front of the shop, diners will be able to select and personalise the cut of meat for their meal. Each cut will be described and then cooked precisely to personal preferences. A lesson in both quality and taste.

Johnny has been a part of this shop nearly his entire life, and the pride and passion he has for it are evident; this Bistro is an extension of that passion and will allow people to enjoy his meats and products in an entirely new way.

The Restaurant will be cosy and welcoming; Historical photos will grace the walls, paying homage to Johnny’s teacher and mentor George Beedham, for whom he started working for at the age of 12. Johnny’s methods, high standards and respect for the craft of butchery are due to Mr Beedham; He is the man who led Johnny to become the success he is today.
Johnny will be at the helm of the restaurant, along with another chef whose identity remains a mystery at the moment, but is described as a fresh young talent; given Johnny’s time and experience within the industry, I think it’s safe to say we can expect someone fantastic to take on the role.

The excitement in Nottingham in anticipation of this opening is palpable, and the official launch date is still yet to be announced. In the meantime, Johnny’s butcher shop remains as busy as always, showcasing his collection of awards on the walls, and selection of award-winning meats in the cases.

Although the recipient of numerous awards, Johnny explains that the best reward he receives is the positive feedback from customers and the appreciation of his products. It’s this enthusiasm for butchery, dedication to quality and customer focused attitude that ensures the continued success of the Snobby Butcher brand into the future.


556 Mansfield Road,

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