The Stylish Gentlemen’s Guide to: Winter Grooming by Shane O’Shaughnessy, Master Barber & founder of The Dandy Gent

Try out the Dandy Gent’s range of products when you have a traditional wet shave (£15-£20). Book online at: As we all prepare for the chilly winter ahead, it’s important for gents to ready their looks for the change in temperature by adopting a quick and simple daily regime with a few basic grooming products.

“Freezing temperatures on the skin can cause dryness, flakiness, redness and irritation. All of these reactions to the cold can be avoided quite simply – whether you prefer to be clean shaven, have whiskers, or like a bit of both!” said Shane.

Simple winter skincare tips from Shane

For clean-shaven gents:

Says Shane “It’s important to prepare your skin before you shave. Always cleanse thoroughly and soften the skin with oil first. Use a quality shave cream or soap, well lathered, then use a sharp blade – preferably in a weighty razor – moving the blade in the direction that the hair grows – NOT ‘against the grain’.

After the shave (two passes is preferable), rinse off excess lather thoroughly with warm water and then smooth a hydrating gel into your face. Give the gel a few seconds to absorb, then a quick splash of cold water will close your pores – you’ll feel great!”

For bearded gents:

“Whether a full beard, goatee or moustache, whiskers are no excuse to neglect the face.” Continues Shane. “Cleanse and shave (if required) the face around the hair, exactly as described above, then cleanse your whiskers with a mild, natural, shampoo – like The Dandy Gent’s solid shampoo bar.

After shampooing massage beard oil right down to the follicle to soften the hair. The Dandy Gent’s 100% natural beard oil will also feed the skin with; Jojoba – the closest oil to our skin’s natural oil, sebum – and Hemp Oil which is excellent for reducing any reddening of the skin.”

Recommended products:

Pre and post-shave: The Dandy Gent Exfoliant, Shave Oil, Lime Shaving Cream and Hydrating Gel – all £9.99 each. For whiskers: The Dandy Gent Peppermint Solid Shampoo Bar (£8.99) and Beard Oil (£9.99/14.99) – comes in five traditional fragrances and in two sizes – 10ml and 30ml.

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