Hello everyone, I’m Pam Bailey and I founded my company Changes Ahead, based in Hinckley Leicester but I’m originally from Cambridgeshire. I’d spent many many years in the corporate rat race and wanted out, so I set up my own business primarily through a huge love for Personal Development and qualified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Business Coach, taking on various shapes and forms as the years went by.

Now I’ve decided to niche down and educate women leaders on the menopause and guide them towards self-healing, giving them more power and perspective on the journey ahead. Even though I walked away from the corporate world, it’s interesting that is the world in which I’ve chosen to focus on.

The reason I was catapulted back into the world of corporate was due to myself entering the menopause very early on in my 30s, I just had no clue what was happening to me because lets face it, this is something that’s meant to happen to you in your 50s (or so i thought)!

Unfortunately, ‘the change’ for me was not pleasant. It started with severe migraines, moved onto vertigo and hot flushes, night sweats, heart palpitations, itchy skin, social anxiety, weight gain, insomnia. My GP was, I am sorry to say useless, and I was left to figure this out for myself.
Gradually I made the changes physically, emotionally, spiritually and mindfully that enabled me to get back on track with my health and to take control of my life again and working is a big part of that.

What inspired my business:

Changes-Ahead was born out of the desire to help women who are themselves struggling with their Menopause.

That very word strikes fear in many of us and with so many myths out there it’s no wonder women feel alone and invisible. But the change is much more than the symptoms we hear about (or are experiencing).

The longest relationship you will ever have in this life is with yourself. Too many women go through life believing they are not good enough, they are less than, putting themselves last on their own ‘care’ lists.

‘The change’ is a phase in our lives that is not always easy, nor perhaps wanted, but unfortunately there is no turning back, so ladies, let’s embrace this and get on with our lives.

I look forward to meeting you.