Lilygrey is at the forefront of eco-friendly haircare. According to the latest market research, cosmetics of the future (including hair care products), will be natural, personalised, socially responsible and technological, and Lilygrey’s new stock reflects that desire.

Hot off the production line, and just as new to Lilygrey, is the Imagea range from Elgon. Made using organic, natural materials, purchased from developing geographical areas to help local sustainability projects, products from the Imagea range offer effectiveness and naturalness with no loss of product performance, thanks to their gentle formula and unique gel texture.

Lilygrey clients can now choose from 27 vibrant new Imagea colours, all vegan-friendly – and can have peace of mind that their beautiful barnet does not come at a cost to Mother Nature. How do we know? Well, Elgon – the company bringing you Imagea – have created ‘Mother Science’; a new, eco-friendly standard for professional cosmetics, embodying the principles of trust, quality and ethical sustainability. Imagea products use as many eco-sustainable and plant-derived ingredients as possible, using the following principles:

  • Combining the advantages of being natural with the products’ performance
  • Prefer plant origin raw materials
  • Choose ingredients from organic farming
  • Use processes that respect the environment during manufacturing and at waste disposal
  • Purchase raw materials from developing geographical areas, to support needy populations to whom sustainability projects can be dedicated
  • Contribute to the protection of the environment in those areas of the planet that need it most, also through sustainable projects

Imagea’s proposal is achieved through its careful ingredient selection (biodegradable ingredients from sustainable agriculture), and also through its packaging, which ensures the highest levels of sustainability and CO2 emissions reduction.

In fact, their bottles and jars are made of recycled PET, tubes and labels are made of bioplastic made from sugar cane and boxes are made from FSC certified paper.

The Imagea hues are chosen for their strength and ability to guarantee top results. Combine that with the skill and professionalism of Lilygrey salon, and you can save the planet by having amazing hair colour!


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