This time Kathy would like to explain about her own personally developed 5th Dimensional Healing: 5th Dimensional Healing® is a registered trademark of Bright Flower Therapies Ltd and Kathy Maslowski.

What is 5th Dimensional Healing?

5th Dimensional Healing is transmutational it helps change the state of being. Either by looking at any underlying cause’s before things change into symptoms or understanding present illnesses.

This unique healing is about being grounded in our heart and healing with pure love. It helps you understand that your body’s ability to heal is greater than anyone has previously permitted you to believe.

It teaches you to have a relationship with your body, mind, soul and energy and that we are not separate from these as we have been taught. Quantum physics teaches us that we are connected to all things.

It assists you in your recovery whether its physical, emotional, mental or spiritual and helps you to understand the bigger picture of any illnesses, diseases and imbalances within yourself and It is extremely relaxing, peaceful, and gives relief from any physical discomfort.

I developed my own technique through having the privilege of using this healing on Cancer patients of which I have received great feedback. I am currently a therapist at The Loughborough Cancer Self Help Group.a session looks like

Kat 5D Healing


Firstly, the client remains clothed during this treatment.
I become “centered” in order to become totally focused, present and fully open to the process of engaging with you. I activate healing symbols which help me open up to be the channel through which healing flows.

Then I place my hands on or above the body working from the head to the feet.

As I am healing, I see beautiful colours, I feel into the persons energy I may see into their childhood experiences, identify traumas, see if there are any tears in the persons aura and energy centres (chakras) that may be blocking energy from flowing.

If its relevant I see into past lives as there may be blockages that have been carried forward. I may perform psychic surgery and have spirit communication and guidance.

The client may feel the energy from the hands of the healer as heat, a warm glow or sometimes there may be coldness or a vibration.

A session can last between 90-120 minutes and the client leaves with a read out of what was discovered in that time.

Flow of energy

The 5th Dimension is an ‘energetic super – highway’ that resides outside of time and space.

It’s about understanding that we need to be the light within ourselves and not depend or rely on another human being, spiritual being or otherwise for our own growth. It’s about taking more responsibility for our lives and our health.

I am always humbled by this unique ability and I love sharing this and being the channel through which this healing flows enabling me to assist people to find a balance again in their life and create transmutation.

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