It’s fair to say that everyone is pretty much sweltering in this hot weather… and here are a few steps we should take to tweak our skincare to help us cope with a few unexpected side effects. We love our multi tasking products, which really helps when we need to keep packing to a minimum.

Puffy, Irritated Eyes

During the summer, there are a number of reasons our eyes can look a bit unhappy. One main cause is elevated pollen levels, added into a dry atmosphere, which will result in irritation and puffiness. Try keeping your eye products and moisture mist in the fridge for instant relief, use a cold compress of slices of cucumber to soothe and cool the area or try an eye spray for supporting the lipid barrier of the eye. The eye sprays might seem a bit pricey but are well worth it. Our Face Up Favourite is a multi tasking hydrating spray that can be used on the hair, to set make up and also to mist and refresh the face and body.

Dehydrated Skin

Because it is so hot, we are perspiring more and, even if we are drinking plenty of water, our skin can become dehydrated. Try misting the skin regularly with a moisture mist for topical hydration, keep your tea, coffee and caffeinated soda drinks to a minimum and make sure you are applying a suitable moisturiser for your skin.

A moisturising face mask really helps to give skin a real moisture boost.

Sun Damaged Skin

It’s an absolute essential to wear a sunscreen every day, you’ll never hear me say any different. During this hot period of weather we especially need to ensure we are wearing a high factor SPF that doesn’t irritate the skin.

Our Face Up Favourite contains chamomile, calamine and Aloe Vera to help soothe the skin from the fierce heat of the sun as well as offering superb protection.There is no such thing as a safe tan and the consequences for your skin long term are not good, especially for repeat, excessive exposure.

Prickly Heat

Often, we can get prickly heat or hives due to sun exposure. It’s extremely itchy and comes without warning. Sometimes it can be caused by some high factor sun creams that are predominantly chemical rather than physical sunscreens.

We understand that physical sunscreens often make you look like a ghost and are thick and gloopy but our top seller here at Face Up is none of those, it feels light, skin feels soft and it doesn’t make the skin feel greasy.
Insect Bites

Let’s face it, some people are more prone to insect bites than others. While on holiday if you’re sitting outside a restaurant at night, very often the little visitors are nibbling away at your knees, legs and ankles. You can use insect repellent but the chemicals in this are not pleasant and they really don’t smell at all nice!

A Face Up Favourite is a body butter from an eco friendly range, this product is a great body moisturiser, works on improving the appearance of stretch marks and is a natural insect repellent.

Swollen Ankles

As the day progresses, especially for people who spend a lot of time on their feet, the ankles become cankles! We totally empathise and recommend a cooling leg gel, stored in the fridge, to reduce puffiness, swelling and fatigue.Try and get your feet elevated for half an hour, mid afternoon, to ease the swelling.


If you suffer from breakouts, whether it’s on the face, chest or back…the sun is not your friend, contrary to urban myth.

The sun doesn’t ‘dry up’ breakouts. Infact, if you are using topical or oral medication for acne prescribed by a GP, you should avoid the sun completely.

Keep the skin gently but effectively cleansed and hydrated. Apply a mud mask, our Face Up Favourite contains 52 minerals and helps to promote rapid healing of breakouts.

Try a Guinot Hydraclean for a quick, effective treatment or a Guinot Hydra Cellular Energy for the ultimate deep cleansing, hydrating, results driven treatment.

Chapped Lips

The sun and a breeze can dry the lips out and they can appear scabby, sometimes you can even get a breakout of cold sores. Again to prevent this, keep the lips hydrated with a SPF lip balm, don’t use Vaseline…it’s petroleum distillate which is a mineral oil…that’s not good.

Just making a few of these adjustments will minimise any unpleasant side effects and will help you to enjoy the summer, whether at home or overseas, with the minimum of fuss. Enjoy!


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