Over the last 12 months the world became obsessed with the Scandinavian word “hygge”. It is pronounced as “Hue-ugh” and when translated to English it means “cosiness”. It inspired people to buy into a lifestyle of scented candles and huge amounts of knitwear and share their new purchases on social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook. But it seems those days are over as the next big trend is a younger and cooler Scandinavian relative.

Not only is “Lagom” easier to pronounce (“Lar-gom”) but it is also a term that is much easier to understand compared to how difficult it is to describe “cosiness”. “Lagom” is translated in English to “just the right amount” and is thought to relate to being fair and creating balance.

It differs from “hygge” because “lagom” is a state of living compared to “hygge” which is a momentary state of bliss. Over the last six months, the BBC reports that Google has seen a steady increase in the number of UK searches for the term “lagom” and in the last three months the word has been tweeted over 13,500 times.