Stripex was founded in 2018, we are a team of passionate, dedicated and experienced developers. We enjoy creating one of a kind product that appeal to our client and stand out. We are an independent company, meaning you will have all of our attention as a client. When a client envisions what they want, we recreate that to the highest possible standards in a fast and timely matter. At Stripex we believe in honesty and reliability, we are up front about our pricing and how long it takes to create the product or service they want.


The reason why we created Stripex was because we saw how much small businesses struggled to pay for overpriced development services, we took that into account and provide services which focus to be more affordable and genuine.

Stripex helps create and develop products and services at an affordable cost compared to some companies who charge an outstanding amount of money for the same services. We understand that not all business can afford to pay big prices for standard services but here at Stripex we believe in developing and creating products to benefit our clients and us as a company. One of our goals is to continue a relationship long after the final product is produced, we like to make sure that our clients get as much help as they need and have a great influence using products and services we offer.

At Stripex we develop products and services that are vital for a company’s progression. We strive to create stunning responsive websites, which focus on being mobile friendly and also upgrading websites that you already have and transform them into something you strive it to be. We offer SEO (search engine optimization) modules, this improves the ranking of your website for different search engines for .e.g. Google. We do this by improving the websites accessibility, loading time, compressing images, alt tags producing relative backlinks and other complex issues. This will ensure that your website would be at the top searches, this is done by choosing certain keywords that are imbedded into your website.

Our websites range from £299+ each package includes a logo, 1 year hosting on us and a domain. We believe that every company deserves to expand and reach a bigger audience, Stripex will take your company to the next level.

Stripex also offers a CMS tool which allows our clients to manually change their content without having to go into the code. This allows the client to create and change their own content while we are designing or testing the client’s website, CMS gives the client control over what content the client would like, including choosing headers, font, colour, and the way the text is positioned.

Our graphic designer is able to create the perfect logo for you, with multiple years of experience our designer always goes the extra mile to make sure that the logo they create fits who you are as a company.

We are partnered up with Savvy Social – they are a well-established social enterprise that promotes events and business around Derby and Nottingham, and we’re very fortunate to be working with them. We have partnered up with them to help build relationships with clients and provide local businesses with affordable and friendly services. Savvy Social run a program that help students from Joseph Wright College gain work experience, which is actually how Nathan first built up a relationship with Savvy Social!



Website Development
Logo Design
Digital Marketing
Brand Identity Design
Search Engine Optimisation
Software Development


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