Introduction and who I am.

As my time at derby college has gone on I’ve realised the set of skills that I’ve picked up along the way, personally I didn’t realise somethings that I’ve picked up until writing this article. Databases which was not my strong point to begin with. Over the two years I’ve studied this it has become a core part of my journey at Derby College. I’ve also studied Social media at Derby College which has really helped boost my understanding of the subject. One thing that caught my attention was how social media is evolving and how difficult some people find it to catch up and stay SAVVY with it.

Business owners don’t have time

Something that I’ve been told and seen in myself is that today business owners don’t have time to manage their social media, their customers and company at the same time. You need to have about 8 arms 10 legs and be able to move about 50 miles an hour to run a business. Because as much as people say social media is just for entitled kids to brag about what they have and it does nothing for the world(which I agree to some extent) It is the driving factor that helps a lot of businesses grow and become what they are. There are a few different ways in which social media helps people. Firstly it’s important to recognise and think about the one thing that helps a business grow which is advertisement. Adverts for any business whether it’s on the TV or playing on the radio are a big buying point for companies. That’s why prime time advertising is so much. For instance it’s said for the super bowl Ads alone can go for upwards of $4 million. So you might be wondering what any of this has to do with social media. It’s free advertisement. You don’t need to pay for it unless you want to push out your social media post and make it seen all over and with a lot of social media they will tell you how many people have seen your advert how many people have clicked. This gives you loads of numbers to work with and see how people respond to your product/Item. When I did social media in college we created a fake business with a catchy name and put out some tweets between ourselves, we soon had 100 people looking at our posts. All it takes is 1 person to then take interest and you have yourself a new customer you didn’t have.

Social media really takes the hassle out of advertising. There are so many steps to make advertising happen, you need to make the promotional image, make it catchy and then the difficult part of finding somewhere to display the advertisement and how much it might cost to do so, you can continue to do all this but skip the last 2 steps and post it on social media for free. If you even want to go further some people are now helping content creators that make things like YouTube videos to people that livestream on and they pay them to promote their products. When you have a constant 1 thousand people watching a livestream bearing in mind that a lot of them will be in constant rotation you will have a lot of people looking at your products. The possibilities are endless with social media and you just have to explore and find out yourself how it can help you!