Sneinton Market has been around since the 80s; the crockery sellers, the lace, fabrics, and just about anything else imaginable. There was always something interesting to look at, bargains to be had, and a piece of Nottingham’s heritage to savour.

Over time, however, modern-day changes affected trade. The moving of the wholesale market further out of town, restrictions to parking, and perhaps most significantly, changes in shopping habits in favour of the big supermarkets. The City Council wanted to close Sneinton Market in 2005, but the traders successfully bid to keep it open and formed Sneinton Community Traders Ltd.

Sneinton market has since undergone a regeneration project and is now a refreshed community hub, where start-up businesses can thrive and everyone has a chance to trade. Speciality community events and outdoor markets are held here on a regular basis, including the very popular monthly vegan market, which draws crowds of students, families and health-conscious individuals to attend.

Sneinton itself is home to a variety of artisan producers with shops onsite, including handcrafted flavoured macaroons, premium vegan chocolates, and a shop that specialises in sauces, to name a few. There is also a fantastic café that’s known for its delicious grilled cheese sandwiches, there is a coffee roastery, a gin distillery and a newly opened beer microbrewery. Sneinton market is part of the creative quarter, which draws local artists, musicians and inspired individuals to the area, as well as entrepreneurs and creative based businesses. Sneinton is a vibrant and diverse community of artisan and speciality traders; its definitely worth a visit, if you’ve never been.