Did you know you can now control almost every aspect of your home with your smartphone or tablet?

With that in mind here are 6 home living aspects you can control at home with your smart technology!

1 Smart Speakers -“Just Ask”
With the recent development of smart speakers it was almost certain that they would be combined with digital assistants at some point. You can now speak to devices such as Amazon Echo or Google home that can help you listen to tracks on Spotify, create to-do lists, shop, and even control other smart home products, such as the Nest thermostat or Philips Hue lighting

2 Stay Home Safe While You’re Away
You’ll be interested to know that there are CCTV camera systems available that allow you to access your CCTV footage on phone. Some can even give you live access to your CCTV footage in real time.
Advanced features include motion sensors that detect unusual behaviour, which then causes the camera to send a notification to your phone alerting you of a possible threat.
With advancements in camera technology, you don’t even need a peephole as some doorbells have cameras in which can be linked with your phone (popularised by ring.com).

3 Change the Mood!
You can have control over the lighting in your home by simply using a certain type of light bulb, companies like Hive and Phillips have created smart light bulbs that can communicate with your phone, giving you the power to switch your lights on and off, control the level of brightness, and even change the colour of the lighting.

4 Cast From Mobile To TV
New TVs (Smart TVs) have built in apps that you can stream to online using your phone as long as you have the same app on your phone. If you have a HDTV that isn’t smart, you can buy a google Chromecast (TV Version) device to plug into the HDTV slot.
Stream, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Google Play Store Movies, your home movies and photos, and everything in between as the “Google Home” app allows you to mirror your devices display onto your TV.

5 Turn Up The Heat!
Well now you can control the heating in your home from the touch of a button. There are quite a few thermostats that can be controlled remotely using your phone. These thermostats are paired with a downloadable app that allows you to alter the heat at will.
Some can even respond to your phones GPS, heating your home when you are home and helping save money when you’re not.

6 No More Pet Worries!
Pet monitors are a simple device that allows you to see what your pets are up to and also communicate with them on the go. The Motorola Scout 85 is RSPCA approved and all it requires is an initial link up with an app on your smartphone and you and your pet will always be connected.
By utilising a few interesting pieces of tech, you can start to turn your home into a futuristic and innovative place to live, with the power firmly placed in your hands!