I am 17 years old and I am currently studying ICT at Derby College. I am doing the BTEC level 2 certificate in ICT during which I have learnt new things like how to create a database and how to properly work with computer hardware, as well as developing further skills in programs such as excel which I had already previously learnt some of the basics of when doing GCSE ICT and doing ECDL (European computer driving licences). My favourite thing about computers is hardware but since there aren’t any computer hardware courses I chose to go with the course I am on as it had a section on computer hardware but it also gave me a good opportunity to learn other parts of computing like website development so I have knowledge in more than one area with computers. In my spare time I like to research things I am interested in like computer hardware for example I like to watch videos testing the newest hardware. I also like to look at older hardware that can still do the job but is much cheaper. I also have a massive interest in animals and I like to just research about them especially ones I’m considering getting to keep as pets. As well as doing that I like playing some competitive and very skill based video games with my friends where we work as a team or sometimes we practice against each other and if I’m not doing either of those I’m doing something with my pets whether it is feeding them, cleaning them, handling them or just watching them.