pureFITNESS stands above the 21st century ‘new school’ breed of selfie loving gyms!

pureFITNESS is a quirky hybrid, combining the hard working ethos of the true gym goer with the modern day social aspects for a fresh faced 18 year old learning their trade.

Entering its sixth year of business on the ground floor of the North Mill at Darley Abbey Mills, pureFITNESS has acquired some fresh faces of new management along with investment. The original founder and ex professional boxer, Scott Conway still keeps the boxing vibe flowing, along with James Rhodes-Doughty bringing in new style training techniques.

Darley Abbey Mills, acquired by Thomas Evans in 1778, built between 1782 and 1830, were a major part of Arkwright’s Industrial Revolution. It is a stunning setting and deserves every bit of love and attention to detail that it receives. There is a trendy vibe within the site which now houses graphic designers, photographers, and many light industrial companies to name a few. But apart from that, each company, especially the gym, is the embodiment of the site and doesn’t forget the heritage.

pureFITNESS sits in a blueprint of over 6,000 square feet. It has a 1700 sq/ft boxing studio which includes a boxing ring and everything else that an old school facility would contain. There are classes held every morning and evening and, if boxing or circuit classes aren’t for you, and you prefer to throw yourself, balls or kettlebells around, then there is a fully functional room to do your thing. If neither of those are your cup of tea then there is a 3,500 sq/ft gym with everything you could need from dumbbells to vertical leg presses, to fill your boots! The whole gym is constantly under-going improvements and upgrades, so it is a place to keep your eye on if you are looking for a somewhere new to quench your fitness addiction.

It has been fitted with all new showers and toilets which were completed in January, plus a café providing healthy smoothies and nice coffee amongst the plans for 2017.

It covers all bases, with the main attraction being the environment it is all set in. The weekly class timetable accommodates every age category, with all the staff having had experience working with children, males and females of all ages. Don’t let the new age gym world intimidate you. We are the home of the hard-working parents, the time constrained mothers of 3, and the 10 year olds who want to become the elite on sports day. Everyone knows everyone. This is how a gym should be, a great team ethos throughout, without forgetting why you are there – TO GET FIT!

North Mill,
Darley Abbey Mills,
DE22 1DZ

Text 07815138159 with
CODE pFDCLASS1 for a free class or
CODE pFDGYM1 for a free gym session