We hadn’t set out to specialise in pregnancy massage, however over the last two years our client base of pregnant ladies has continued to grow making this our number one treatment that we offer! We really enjoy getting to know the mums from early on in their pregnancy journey and spend a lot of time with them.

It isn’t just about the massage they receive, they get to have some real downtime, have an opportunity to relax and discuss their pregnancy in general. Whilst we can’t answer all their questions and worries, it helps mums to offload, and we can signpost them to other services for extra support including hypnobirthing, counselling, pregnancy yoga and aqua natal classes.

Previously, pregnancy massage has been considered simply a treat – but the advantage of choosing a specialised service like ours means you get a tailored treatment with an experienced and knowledgeable Practitioner. It’s a truly nurturing experience which induces a deeper level of relaxation supporting mother during pregnancy and preparing both mother and baby for childbirth. It helps to alleviate common aches, pains and everyday stresses that pregnancy can have on the body such as lower back pain, sciatica, hip pain, general tension, water retention, fatigue, heartburn, gastric reflux and constipation.

Throughout pregnancy, a mother’s body is continually changing from morning sickness, general tiredness to increasing levels of oestrogen and relaxin, reduction in density of connective tissue, cartilage and ligaments – all of which create an increase in both mobility and flexibility in joints.

Many new mothers work right up to the final weeks of pregnancy and do not give themselves time to prepare emotionally and physically for motherhood. Here at Serenity Station we, offer both pre (in the second and third trimester) and postnatal massage and will support mums both physically and emotionally working together with their midwife and GP.

Mums to be are also welcome to bring partners during the latter stages of pregnancy so we can demonstrate some massage techniques to proactively support mothers at home and during the birth. We also allow extra time for pregnancy massage to ensure that clients do not feel rushed or pressured in any way.
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“I had the most amazing pregnancy massage with Sandra, after working full time up till 36 weeks, Sandra really helped me to relax and destress ready for motherhood. It was such an awesome experience and I’m soon planning another amazing treatment to help relax with the sleepless nights, I fully recommend this wonderful women she’s really in tune with her client’s needs and extremely professional throughout thanks again !!”