For 50 years now, luxury lighting has been the passion that has inspired us all at Oberoi Brothers. Their origins date back to 1967 but their vision is definitely 2020.

Oberoi Brothers have collections that include models designed to innovate, inspire and excite. From exceptional outdoor lanterns, to stunning chandeliers and pendants, their love of bringing great lighting to the homes of their clients, is what drives them every day. Their constant focus on quality and functionality is ever present too, as they strive to push the bar of reliable quality and ease of installation higher and higher.

As an operation they now sell their products to a truly nationwide audience, lighting beautiful homes, hotel bedrooms and public areas, coffee bars and restaurants all over the UK.

Today, they see more opportunity for lighting, more desire for design and more passion for innovation. This is why they are so passionate about this business and why they are so inspired to share it with you.

Oberoi Brothers share the passion and love of great design with all of their customers, and wherever they are in the world, they find the same reaction and enthusiasm to great design. Often from historical influence, vintage and retro, regularly with style and flair, and always with attention to detail and quality, it is with these elements that products are crafted and created.

Whether it is from an Elizabethan English country manor, a Venetian terraced villa or a 1920’s Parisian town house, from original fittings, architectural features to sculptures and metalwork, they can find influence from anywhere.

Oberoi Brothers Lighting
Humbleton Drive, Mackworth Estate,
Derby, DE22 4AU
Tel: 01332 341027