Now we’re fully immersed into the winter season, maybe our fluffy socks aren’t warm enough to keep us cosy.

Wood burners are a stylish source of heat making anyone’s home a perfect retreat from the cold. Designs have come a long way over the last few years meaning that modern home and not just cottages and farmhouses can benefit.

Not only do they add a stylish focal point to give your room character but they provide a powerful source of heat meaning it gets warm quickly and effectively.

Available in a range of sizes and with different heat outputs you can find the right size and model to fit your room.

The wood you use to fuel your burner can be more cost effective than gas or electric and can be more efficient (as much as 80%).

This also has an environmental impact, as wood is a carbon neutral fuel. Although when burned it does give off Carbon Dioxide, this is balanced by the amount consumed by replacement trees.

By turning your radiators off and your wood burner on you could find yourself saving money on heating your home. Wood burners are reliable, energy efficient and save you money – this teamed with the homely ambience they provide really contributes to a perfect home.

‘Baby its cold outside’

Frank Loesser

American songwriter

By Faye Brookes