Check out these great new websites for S O@Brien Heating in Derby and Bombay Snackbox.

Our partners Stripex are a young dynamic team that create websites and other IT Services based in Derby. Nathan and B are both from Derby. Savvy met the guys as part of a work experience programme a couple of years ago, since then the team have set up as a new starter business providing a great service for local businesses of any size.

After working with Nathan on our own website helping us understand how to best optimise its performance they have supported a couple of our clients by developing 2 new websites.

S O’Brien Heating.

Steve at S O’Brien has recently expanded his team offering new services to the general Public. After creating a Radio campaign he realised that his current website was not up to the professional standard required for the growth of his business, and with just a few weeks before the launch of the campaign, the timing for a new website to be created was imperative.  After a couple of meetings, a new website was outlined and the work began.

Check out the finished result the team created.

S O Brien Heating

Bombay Snackbox

VJ owner of Bombay Snackbox in Derby’s Market Hall in the Cathedral Quarter is a Sponsor of our Savvy Social programme. He was looking for someone to create a website for his new business venture creating Indian food snacks. We connected VJ with the team at Stripex and after a few weeks, VJ was delivered a great website suitable for his business.

Bombay Snackbox 2