As summer holidays draw to a close we begin to think about routine again. The kids will be back at school, the suitcases are probably back in the loft, the flip flops are being popped on the shoe rack and replaced with shoes and boots, the coats and woollies have been retrieved.

Routines, schedules, planning and organising is all good. We all respond better when there’s a plan of action set in place! With a new season it’s a great time to establish new habits.

Great skin requires great skincare habits! We sometimes let good skincare regimes slip as we try and fit everything into our busy schedules. But with a little bit of planning and forethought to set aside time for our beauty routines we can all achieve our very best skin.

Let’s go back to basics…so before I start recommending products and treatments, let’s remind ourselves of what do we need and why.

What are the five things…yes, just five…we need to do to achieve great skin health and look the absolute best for our age?


We go on and on about the importance of cleansing but it’s a no brainer that you need to remove the dirt, grease, grime, pollution, products, make up and dead skin cells from your skin twice a day. Your skin will look great, your products will work more effectively and your make up will apply and last beautifully.


As we age our skin cells replace themselves much more slowly, so it’s super important to help your skin remove dead skin cells to keep skin looking fresh and radiant. If your skin looks dull, lacklustre and your makeup doesn’t apply well, chances are you need to exfoliate?

Twice a week is generally enough for most skin types. Everyone can manage twice a week! Make sure you check that your exfoliant does not contain any plastic beads. None of the products we use at Face Up contains these plastics, they are harmful to the environment and should be avoided at all costs. Instead go for a product that contains natural plant extracts, loofah, sugar scrubs or fruit acids.


Clients so often say their skin is dry when in actual fact it is lacking hydration. Dry skin is tight, flaky, can feel rough and is totally lacking in moisture. Dehydrated skin can appear dull, can show fine lines and can look devitalised. There is a difference. Make sure you use products that do not contain alcohol or mineral oils, not only are these bad ingredients but they really dehydrate and congest the skin.

Make sure you are drinking plenty of fluids, avoiding caffeine and alcohol in regular or binge quantities. Water, coconut water, fruit juices consumed steadily throughout the day, especially if you work in an artificially lit and air conditioned environment, will maintain your body’s hydration levels. Your skin will look better in days of implementing this and you will find you feel more alert and less prone to headaches.

Try and avoid going all day without drinking and then glug a litre or two of water…your body cannot absorb it in such quantities so when you think you’ve done well and had two litres, actually you’ll probably find you just need to keep visiting the bathroom! Use a hydrating misting spray on the skin to provide topical hydration under your moisturiser as well as misting throughout the day over your makeup.


As the summer season ends and the autumn weather begins, check that you are using the correct moisturiser for what your skin needs right now. Your skin changes throughout different seasons, climates, states of your health. It’s always good to do a skin MOT session with us to assess what your skin needs and we also show you how and when and what to use.

Is your skin sun battered from the Mediterranean temperatures we’ve enjoyed?
Does your skin need extra protection when the cold weather returns?
Does central heating leave your skin looking and feeling drab and parched?


Book a Skin MOT with us and we will advise you of what treatments will benefit you to help you look your absolute best. We will demystify and cut through the technobabble to give you straight forward, practical, professional advice on things such as skin peels, skin needling, LED treatments, laser treatments, Electrolysis, Galvanic and microcurrent and all the other amazing things we offer.

What do they do, why do you need them and how will they help. The technology we offer really gives us the cutting edge in regard to treatments, devices and products we use in Face Up and that you can use at home.

If you’re time poor, that’s no problem… we can provide you with a treatment regimen you can do in the comfort of your own home using professional quality devices and products.

Let’s not forget also the treats as well that are so often reserved just for the summer. Don’t imagine that a pedicure is only for when you are wearing sandals and have your toes on show. There is nothing nicer on a cold day than sipping a hot chocolate while having a luxury pedicure with a relaxing foot and leg massage and nourishing foot mask with heated booties!

Let’s get you booked in for your Skin MOT and get you looking and feeling your absolute best about yourself. Drop us a message through our Facebook page @faceupderby or give us a call.


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