A new year calls for us to make creative resolutions, smart choices and to picture ourselves making it our best year yet. But how many of use have kept up these good intentions so far?

What if I told you that is was a way to make our lives look and feel better instantly …and with the one tool you already have right there in the palm of your hand? You are probably looking at it right now too.

I teach photography to degree students at the University of Derby to help them enhance their career skills, but I don’t use the fancy, expensive equipment that you’d expect to achieve it…
aside from their standard telephone devices.

That’s right – even the graduates of tomorrow are learning to use the smallest technology to get the biggest results.

A skill we could all benefit from in our everyday dealings with the outside world, is to have the confidence and presence of mind to capture the things we love to see and then share them with others. Expressing ourselves without words can be so satisfying, especially in an age where the one thing we are all short on is time itself.

Whether you want to improve the way you showcase your wares as an entrepreneur… or perhaps you simply want to get a great photograph to cherish of that priceless moment with friends & family – we could all use some hacks to help it happen.

i’m now leading a 6 week course at Derby University that is open to members of the public and the classes take place as twilight sessions from 6:30pm-8:30pm starting March 3.

Places are very limited, to ensure that everyone gets a hands-on experience in the workshops and access to as many tips and tricks as we can fit in to them.

Fancy pushing your talents and engaging the picture power at your fingertips? Get in touch with me to save your space at my next workshop by emailing me right now – pictoria@myself.com

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