Every now and again, you meet someone who is going against the tide. They are pushing against the status quo and bringing their individualistic point of view that will challenge everything you may think and believe. There are many new spiritual warriors rising up in the world right now.

They are a loving army determined to make life better for the masses. Rosanna Monachello is one such person. She is a multipotentialite; multi talented and skilled in several areas. Her overarching message to the world is that some people shouldn’t niche or specialise! Just allow your light to be expressed just as was admired and revered in Renaissance times. She believes that many can prosper in a mindset of unlimited abundance and application to pursue what lights them up. Does this sound like you?

A spondiferous slasher, she specialises in flow working with entrepreneurs who are seeking more from life. Her high vibin zest for life is tricky to match. This lady is vivacious and woowoo. Her message is refreshing. Walking and talking her fire in her unabashed flamboyant style, she communicates with unique flair.

A transformational coach, fine artist, illustrator, writer, speaker and singer/songwriter. This vintage queen of diva sings jazz, blues and swing like the old greats of yesteryear too. Rosanna will be a regular columnist in future editions. Stand too close and you may just catch her sizzle and shine!

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