Your smile is your most powerful asset. It enables you to pick yourself up and to pick others up. If only momentarily, a smile has the ability to take away someone’s troubles. It has the ability to connect strangers and create lasting relationships. Never underestimate the value of a smile. Remarkable Smiles don’t, which is why they strive to maintain Remarkable Smiles every day.

At Remarkable Smiles they will always discuss your treatment plans in great detail. It is important to them that you are a part of the process and that you make the right decision for you. They offer a multitude of treatments which they are very proud of and have developed to ensure you have the very best, most comfortable experience in their practice. The staff at Remarkable Smiles are always willing to help with any queries you have so please feel free to raise any queries you may have on your visits.



Their dream is to give everyone a smile that they can be proud of. To them, a Remarkable Smile isn’t just one that is made up of perfectly white, straight teeth. It’s a healthy smile that you have the confidence to show off to the world. They love that every smile is unique and that every patient is different – it’s what makes you, you.



General Dentistry


Inevitably, your teeth endure a little wear and tear over the years and might require some TLC. You might get a cavity for a number of reasons, and more often than not this can be sorted by placing a quick and easy filling. In any case, we will discuss which type of fillings are available and which might be the most beneficial. After all, your teeth are with you for a long time!

Root Canal

Some teeth demand a little more attention than others. Root canal may be used to treat a particularly deep cavity that a basic filling couldn’t quite fix. This involves removing the nerve of the tooth, which is far less scary than it sounds, before refilling it and getting it back up and running again.

Tooth Extraction

We’ll always do everything we can to save a tooth and we’ll never remove one that’s healthy but every now and then there’s nothing for it but to go your separate ways. Rest assured, if this is the case the appointment will be fairly quick and you will be made to feel as comfortable as possible throughout. It won’t be a painful goodbye, we promise!

Cosmetic Dentistry


Missing teeth can knock your confidence and you may even find you aren’t smiling as often as you used to. Implants offer a permanent replacement for missing teeth and though the treatment is a little more invasive than other options it’s certain to have you glowing with confidence once again. It involves a small ‘screw’ being placed into the bone which will then be covered with a prosthetic tooth which we will shade match perfectly so nobody will ever know. We won’t tell if you don’t!

Teeth Whitening

Who doesn’t want a dazzling, white smile? Sometimes our teeth’s natural shade isn’t quite as bright as we’d like, but that can be changed without any hassle or fuss. If you’ve got a healthy mouth and you’re hot on your oral hygiene then we can get you that Hollywood Esq. smile in no time. We simply need to make you your own set of whitening trays and talk you through how to use the kit at home. We’ll catch up with you every couple of weeks to review your progress and before you know it you’ll be flashing those pearly whites all over town!

Crowns and veneers

Sometimes our teeth need a little helping hand (don’t we all?) One might be slightly weaker than the others but it’s not quite ready to give up the ghost just yet. In these cases we will cover the tooth to give it that extra bit of strength. Depending on the extent of the damage and to which tooth we will either cover the tooth entirely, with a crown, or just on one surface, with a veneer. You’ll need two appointments from start to finish but we promise it’s quick and easy and you’ll soon be wearing that crown or veneer with confidence!


If you find yourself hiding your smile because you’re self conscious about missing teeth we’ve got exactly what you need to get that confidence back again. Bridges are the perfect way to replace missing teeth and you’ll only need two appointments to complete treatment. A bridge can replace one or multiple teeth and will be held in place by it’s neighbours. We’ll be sure to match the shade so that only you know the difference. Your secret is safe with us!


Do you ever find yourself envious of someone else’s, straight teeth? Don’t hide yours away because you’re unhappy with the look of them! There are a number of options for anyone wanting a straighter smile with some even offering a fast track to the teeth you’ve been dreaming of. Depending on your needs you, our subtle and removable appliances might be perfect for you. This treatment requires 100% commitment from you at home and we’ll need to book you in for quite a few appointments but this is a small price to pay for the smile that will make you the envy of all others!


These are often quickly dismissed but in actual fact they’re a great way to replace multiple missing teeth. Dentures are not what they used to be and we promise that the series of appointments involved are worth it to ensure you get the perfect, most comfortable fit. Your dentist will help you to decide which kind of denture will be best for you and help you choose a shade to match your other teeth. These are removable and can take a little while to get used to but you’ll be beaming with confidence again in no time.

Gum Treatment

Our teeth aren’t the only things that need attention, our gums are just as if not more important. In fact, where would your teeth be without your gums? Exactly. As well as putting the work in at home you might just need that little bit of help from us to get your gums feeling happy and healthy again. You may benefit from scheduling regular, deep cleans which will help to cleanse the gums and boost their health. In some cases we may suggest having an antibiotic gel placed to get you moving in the right direction. All gum treatments go hand in hand with a consistent oral hygiene routine at home and with this, you’ll have a healthy smile in no time!

Wrinkle Relax

Your age should be your best kept secret and we promise you’ll keep them all guessing with our Wrinkle Relax treatment. The greatest way to get rid of wrinkles is to stop them from happening in the first place. So, we remain one step ahead of them and by temporarily limiting the amount of movement in your face they don’t stand a chance! It can take around 10 days for the treatment to fully take effect and this will last around 5-7 months. Keep those lines at bay and you’ll be looking and feeling fresh!

Dermal Fillers

If you’ve made it through life without acquiring a wrinkle or two, please, tell us your secret. Life happens and lines appear to tell your story. If you’ve been considering having dermal fillers then rest assured it is a quick and easy procedure and the effects will last around 8 months before needing a top-up. You’ll be looking and feeling fabulous and though one upon a time your wrinkles may have told your story, we’re sure you tell it much better.


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