Often, I’m introduced as my business name and that’s great, because I am Claire R. ZwoznyBestwick!

I am a creator of unique handcrafted jewellery, accessories and alternative bespoke wedding bouquets using a variety of Swarovski crystals, semi-precious stones and most importantly tiny handcrafted, kiln fired precious metal sculptures; this means you can have pretty much anything you want included into your CRZyBest creation!

Having specialised in 3-dimensional design, silversmithing and jewellery for my first degree, I enjoyed teaching Art, Craft and Design for 20 years and in 2015 graduated with a master’s degree. Ready for a change in direction, I seized opportunity, officially launching CRZyBest in 2017.

Combining a whole heap of my skills presented an immediate unique selling point. Incorporating unique, tiny, handcrafted, kiln fired sculptures into bespoke jewellery is a growing favourite in my shop and a great example of what I can do best… CRZyBest!

Last minute unique gifts? I also create ready to buy jewellery and accessories available through my website www.crzybest.co.uk or directly from me. I showcase at a variety of events and there is also a growing number of CRZyBest stockists, so keep your eyes peeled for my creations!

Remember too, that if you don’t see exactly what you’d like, please get in touch because I’m always up for developing ideas!

Honey Bee Earrings photo by LKF Sterling Silver CRZyBest Cog Studs photo by LKF The Bunker - Punk  The Unconventional Wedding Festival The Unconventional Wedding Festival


CRZyBest, Derbyshire

TEL: 07813 931390