So here i am at a wonderful little haven, tucked away on Ashby’s High street. As you climb the stairs, its evident from all the personal pics adorning the walls this business belongs to a woman who is all about love, from her honeymoon in Italy to the grandchildren, children and stepson. I had a little chat with Sam, to find out a little more on why she decided to set up this business, whilst also working a full time job.

Good Morning Sam! Tell me, why do we have all these personal pics of yours on the walls and not generic waterfall spa type ones? Also, what a fabulous name for your business! how did it come to be?

Morning Buckso! Well, I decided I wanted to create an environment that wasn’t typical of that which you’d find in every other salon/retreat space because to me, this is what is most important in my life and I wanted it to show through in all that I do here. It’s all about family. As to the name Samskara, it’s a combination of mine (Sam) and my granddaughters name (Cara) but, it’s also Sanskrit for, “repeated actions create memory”, so when a beautiful friend of mine suggested it, giving the meaning behind, I just totally fell in love with the idea of it!

So how long have you been in this industry and what brought you to set up, knowing you were still going to be working full time?

I set this business up 4 months ago September 2019, because I’d discovered the world of complementary therapies myself and loved what it had done for me through my journey having breast cancer and I wanted to give that feeling, and help, to others going through tough times. For 32 years I’ve worked within the learning disabilities and mental health field, still do to this day, but when I was diagnosed with breast cancer back in March 2017 I had a wakeup call. I felt the need to prioritise all the things that were important to me and my latent interest in all things complimentary was ignited. I’d had Reiki done, massages here and there and started to read up on things complimentary which made me realise, this was actually something I wanted to pursue for myself. So I trained at Infinity Academy in Melbourne, Derbyshire, finding my passion actually lay in Aromatherapy.

So after feeling the healing benefits of the therapies you were having yourself, you realised that this was something you should do for others in similar situations, leading you to creating Samskara Wellbeing. Tell me, what is the difference in what you do here to any other salon style place?

A boutique style treatment room was what we were wanting to create from the hustle and bustle of the high street below, one could climb the stairs and be transported somewhere else once we closed the doors behind them, totally forgetting the world, for the time they were in here. Solo and couple treatments are also on offer as well as our signature workshops, which are proving to be very popular, so we don’t just work on healing the body but also the mind as well.

Oh now that is different! What are the workshops about?

We have a “Six Steps to Wellness”, held weekly on a Tuesday evening, which gives groups of women the tools and tips to cope with any overwhelm, stress, anxiety and mental health issues they may be feeling in life, along with a safe space to speak their truth. Recently we’ve been gifted the use of a Yurt over in Packington by the Children’s Phoenix Trust Charity and we will use it to host our One Day “silent retreat”, where you do not speak from the time you arrive at 10am, until you go at 4pm, leaving phones and watches etc at the door. Activities you bring can include reading, nail painting, mehndi applications, sewing etc, which aids in the process of remaining silent. This will be held 5th January 2020.

The mental health services are very much under pressure, do you see yourselves working towards preventing people from needing their services, rather than them going down the prescriptive route?

Absolutely! We are very much about prevention rather than cure if we can get in early enough, as we’ve had such amazing results already with people we’ve seen consistently. We are definitely wanting to get our message out there, so that more folks come to us first rather than the NHS, which really should only ever be a last resort thing. Just to clarify my point, I’m not saying medication isn’t the answer, some individuals most definitely are at a place where they need it, we just want to help those we can, to avoid it.
Join us in the next issue when we pick up on the future visions for Samskara Wellbeing.

Buckso Dhillon-Woolley
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