Hello, I’m Kathy Maslowski, owner and Director of Bright Flower Therapies Ltd.

I have been a therapist for nearly two decades. I’m a heart centred difference maker and the specialist in my own trademarked 5th Dimensional Healing® technique.

I have 2 grown up children and am actively responsible for two of my 4 grandchildren as their full time ‘carer’.

As a therapist I really care about people. I will ‘tune in’ to you, listen to what you have to say and then show you how and help you to heal and nurture yourself.

I am a lifelong student who is growing continually; and as I grow this enables me to help others to grow. I believe in walking the talk and leading by example.

I love making a difference in others’ lives and helping them to manifest their dreams. I would love to make the world a better place by living my purpose as a therapist, speaker, teacher and coach.

I work with a Cancer Self Help Group as a 5th Dimensional Healer®, which is effective in reducing the effects of chemotherapy, helping people to feel there is a life after diagnosis and that they are not alone. I have helped many people through educating them on the Spirit, Mind, and Body equation.

I help people feel great and whole on the inside through healing, and I also use Bach Flower Remedies to help in this process.

Kat & Bob 2019

Kathy with Bob Proctor – Best Selling Author & Life Mentor

As a Life Mastery Institute certified ‘DreamBuilder’ Coach I also help people identify and turn their dreams or visions into reality through this proven and highly successful personal and group coaching programme.

Specialising in in 5th Dimensional Healing®, Holistic Therapies, Beauty, Life Coaching, Teaching and Mediumship; my certifications include the Diploma for Holistic Therapies, Kinesiology, Nutrition, Beauty (NVQ), different modalities of coaching and Rapid Transformational Therapy®. I am a Member of the Guild of Holistic Therapists and a Founder Member of Life Mastery UK.

07429 996201