Image: John with our community support worked Arron.

My name is John Young, I am a 45yr old Chef from Matlock, Derbyshire. I studied at High Peak College Buxton, studying Catering and Hotel Management. Over the years worked at many catering establishments.  Unfortunately, due to ill health I have been unable to work for 15yrs. During those years I have studied IT and earnt my CLAIT qualifications and brought up two children. I still have a huge love for cooking and sharing food and its delights with other people. At this moment in time I run a Community Café on a Local Estate feeding those in need. My dream is to start up a business that the turnover can pay to feed the homeless and needy.  I am a qualified NVQ Chef with experience.

There is too much food waste and there are people out on the streets and at home who can’t feed themselves or their family due to circumstances. I feel everybody should have one hot meal a day.  I do not wish to enable people but to support and guide them to the places they need to go. Food banks and soup kitchens have become a necessity today for some people. I am not here to judge or ask why I just want to help people.  I wear my heart on my sleeve and even though I struggle day in day out I know there are people out there worse off than me, let us share what we know and what we have.

Savvy Social have now entered my life, it is the best thing that has happened to me in many years, I am learning new skills day by day, or finding skills I had but never thought of using. Savvy Social has opened my eyes to a wider world and opened doors so I can explore different aspects. The joy of meeting new people I would never speak to, people I walk past each day and don’t say Hi. 

We all seem to be wrapped up in our own bubble, perhaps we should step out of it and speak to people we don’t know they aren’t that bad, honestly there are a lot of people in Matlock and they want to help each other. Just take five minutes and get to know a business owner, or someone trying to set up a business they are normal people like you and me. Who would of thought at the age of 45 I would of been publishing a magazine. I do have some talents but put a magazine together not on your life. Well someone had faith in me and here it is ……

The first ever SavvyLife Matlock. This is not just the first SavvyLife Matlock, this is the first Savvy Life anywhere. There has been IMSAVVY, SAVVY HOME, SAVVY FOOD and SAVVY WOMEN but never a SAVVY LIFE, so here goes a new adventure for me and for Savvy Social.