A quick insight into Blok Knives based in Derbyshire.

Blok Knives, a company that handcrafts knives with immense craftsmanship. From a young lad, Ben Edmonds, in his dad’s garage producing handmade knives for restaurants or home use to a man that has conjured a team together to develop a high-quality business. A company that is always on the move with new ideas and projects such as Rustic table to Hybrid woods, not enough for you? Well what are you waiting for go check out their website at www.blok-knives.co.uk to take a quick look at what they are planning for the future, they have produced a knife to commemorate Remembrance Day and more. Along with constant upcoming deals on the knives.


Let’s see the team! Ben Edmonds the founder of Blok Knives alongside a warm and friendly restaurant, Junk. Founded Blok Knives in 2012 to follow his passion and dream. Jack Stevens, one of two knife makers that is interested in metal and melody of music. Patrick Storrar, another knife maker that is interested in wood who likes to get out a lot and undertake activities. Finally, last but not least Alex Bates, real party animal, the coordinator/marketer of Block Knives to get this knife making business flying sky high.

Ben’s Big Leap was to move to a Derby Abby Mills where he would take on his first apprentice, Jack, in 2015. Followed with the Blok team expanding in 2016, Patrick, and 2017, Alex. With a team of 4 Blok Knives craft up to 25 knives a week.


Go buy their newest range of knives with Hybrid wooden handles that looks outstanding where it uses “A combination of Burl wood and coloured resin” but not the same coloured resin a variety of colours.

Along with all, they are even selling merchandise that looks in fashion with the colours and the fonts. Ranging from trucker caps to baseball caps, jumpers to T-shirts.


Contact Information:

Blok Knives,
Unit 4a,
Darley Abbey Mills,
Darley Abbey,
DE22 1DZ

0330 100 4565