LinkedIn is one of the most effective networking and marketing platforms for businesses and when used well has the power to improve your visibility, expand your reach and increase your sales, so why don’t we all embrace it and use it to develop and grow our businesses?

Like most good things, it requires some thought, planning and effort to set it up effectively, and align it with your overall business goals. So although I’m a LinkedIn Coach – I’m going to link my advice back to your business plan and your marketing strategy – you’re a savvy business woman, so I know you’ve got one.

I have spent many years helping people to understand how to use different systems, and more importantly what is behind all the various things I’m recommending. It’s like so many things – if we know why we are doing something, it all makes more sense.

My top tip for this issue is to think about what key words or phrases your ideal client would use to search for your services and check those words or phrases appear in your profile. Sometimes the easiest things get overlooked!

So from aligning your profile with your vision to attract your ideal clients to support with sending out regular personalised catch up messages to your now extensive connection base, I’m here to help you with online training, workshops, profile reviews, one to one coaching or a “done-for-you” service.

Call me and let’s turn your LinkedIn up a degree or three

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