Karting: Fast paced and heart pounding

Do you fancy yourself as a bit of a Lewis Hamilton? If so, then why not test your skills behind the wheel at a local venue.

The humble go-kart has evolved since its inception back in the 50s. Transforming from the rather crude garage workshop design, to the sleek monsters they are now, with 200cc engines capable of tearing up some serious rubber.


The great thing about go-karting is its accessibility, you don’t need be the next Michael Schumacher to have a spin in one of these four wheeled speed machines. They are very simple to drive with only an accelerator, a brake pedal and a steering wheel, so no messing around with a clutch pedal or a KERS button. Go-karting ain’t gonna drain your pockets either with most venues offering many different packages for go-karting from corporate event discounts, to organized endurance racing all for really reasonable prices.

There are a large variety of professionally made and maintained go-karting tracks around Derby with a mixture of indoor and outdoor tracks that cater to all skill levels. So you can go-kart whatever the weather. These local business think of the small things, with food and drinks being readily available should you need a pit stop, as well as places to put your feet up after a hard day of being the vanguard of the track.

The Midlands is a great place to experience the adrenaline fueled sport of go-karting, with a large variety of venues to go to within the local area, from the screaming straights of Daytona Tamworth and the Twisting Turns of Midlands Karting, to the indoor chaos of TeamSport Nottingham, you’re bound to find a track that suits your driving style.


We highly recommend giving it a spin and if you are interested we have listed some choice venues that are available in the local area:

Midlands Karting 

Daytona Tamworth

Redline karting

Teamsport UK