What do we offer?
What goes on in our clubs & workshops?
Why are we so passionate about teaching children how to cook?
Cooking with children, are we mad??

Just some of the questions we get asked, the latter one on especially! I am pleased to say no we are not mad just super passionate about cooking and the importance of teaching children how to cook!

So “what do we offer?” We work with Primary Schools delivering our after school clubs, themed cookery workshops from Reception to Year 6. Our School Workshops can be tailored around the schools current topic or theme.

During the holidays we run fun workshops for children ages 2 – 13 years to come along too. They get to have some fun making a yummy recipe with their adult (if under 8 years) and can take home their yummy bakes too, along with the recipe card so they can make it again.

We can also host your child’s birthday party at your home or local church hall, there are a number of party packages we offer from Bake off Parties to Pizza & Cupcake parties!


“What goes on in our clubs?” On our after school clubs each week we talk to the children about the recipe, the food groups, the methods we are going to use to make our recipe. The children make their recipe and weigh out their own ingredients and we are on hand to help the younger ones or not so competent junior bakers if needed.

At the end of each club we do a fun quiz about what we have made, the children get to take home their recipe to bake at home along with the recipe card, we also have a star baker award at the end of each after school club too!

Our holiday workshops are similar we tend to make fun recipes that children will enjoy making and eating at the end, while their bakes are in the oven there is craft, juice and tea & coffee for the grown ups. We then set about decorating our yummy bakes before the end of the workshop. Each child takes home the recipe card and My Bake worksheet.

We are so passionate about teaching children how to cook, not mad I promise! It is such an important life skill for children to learn and one that I feel has been lost somewhere. During the after school clubs it is so lovely to see the children’s confidence grow throughout the term and listening to them tell us what they have been making at home, their favourite recipes they have made and just seeing their confidence and passion for cooking blossom is just amazing!

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