Dracula Life – The Northern Ballet

Imagine a world where you can only go out after dark, where you feel a constant hunger for human blood but where for all eternity you will appear young and beautiful. Welcome to the world of Dracula.”

That is how Northern Ballet interprets Dracula, using a dark and mysterious touch that will leave with no words.

Northern Ballet is a powerhouse of inventive dance. Set up in 1969 became one of the best-loved dance companies in the world. Looking constantly for original productions and to create new interpretations of popular classic ballets Northern Baller won different awards. Like 3 times consecutive winner of the audience award.

The purpose of their show is to bring the viewer to a new reality, a reality based on an incredible story carried by incredible people.

Their Dracula live show will be in Derby, do not waste time, and give them a chance to bring you into a fantastic world.


Live information:

31ST October 2019

Derby QUAD & Cinema

Market Place Cathedral Quarter

Derby DE1 3AS


Webpage: https://northernballet.com/dracula

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/northernballet/