Trying to find that Work-life balance can be hard at the best of times, but, these days, with technology enabling you to communicate with your boss from a beach chair, (not that will be likely to be the case) you can do your job whenever and almost wherever you wish.

Businesses have become a lot more savvy when it comes to letting you work from home, and with less time traveling and more time with the family there are lots of benefits for all parties.

Finding the right environment at home to get motivated is highly important. You should choose an area that is quiet and bright, somewhere that you can focus. By moving things around or creating new space, setting up a home office may be easier than you think. You can add personal touches and choose flooring and accessories that make the space truly unique which is generally hard to do at the workplace.

A great place to work is a conservatory, it’s a bright place to work and in most cases is on the rear of the property, therefore being a quiet place to get things done. You can also utilise it as a family room or dining area to maximise it’s use, and an added bonus is it will more than likely add value to your home.

Not got the room or the finance for a conservatory? Then maybe consider a garden room, these are becoming very popular as they are quick to erect and with wi-fi there should be no problem connecting with the internet. They can be beneficial if you like less distractions as you are away from the main house so you can get things done.
“We like to give people the freedom to work where they want”
Richard Branson