Being fashionable can be expensive, I mean really who has the budget for Prada, Chanel or Vuitton? Looking good doesn’t mean costing the earth. So, before you break the bank trying to be stylish check out a few items below that will serve you this fall and into spring with Ell Boutique…

Invest in a handful of essential pieces, get mixing and matching and don’t forget to accessorise your outfit for different occasions.

Did I mention accessories? Even the simplest tees can be stylish with the right garnish. Try clashing your jewellery with your outfit.

Wear a statement piece with casual ensembles and more relaxed accessories with dressy looks. You don’t have to invest in a whole new wardrobe to look #OnPoint.

Check out my jewellery collection for those eye-catching pieces!

Also when you shop local you’re supporting the local economy, so Ell Boutique needs your custom. I would love to hear from you so please reach out to me for a truly personal shopping experience, excellent bespoke service, and to find something unique.

Here at Ell Boutique we would like to wish you seasonal greetings. See you on my site soon xxx

Don’t miss the next edition of Savvy Women when I will be taking a closer look at fashion and trends to see you looking Savvy into the spring!

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