So you’ve decided its high-time you found out why so many men are adopting a new facial fuzz, and wondering what could it do for you?

For sure, a great beard will give you free entry into one of the world’s most exclusive clubs, hide a multitude of facial flaws – and elevate your status to a man of confidence and stature., but if you think its just a matter of ditching the razor for a few weeks – we have news for you!

Growing a beard can take patience, dedication and a commitment to regularly cleaning, trimming, shaping and preening. After all, nothing worthwhile ever comes easy, right?

Know your face

First consider your face shape, we’ve written about this in a previous issue of I’m Savvy. You might be clear about the image that you would like to project – but can your face shape pull it off? For example, if you have a round or square face – you might wish to add length with a longer beard, trimmed closely at the sides. If you have a long face, you may wish to grow the sides longer and keep the length short to give your face more symmetry.

Keep the razor

Try not to get too carried away with a ritual ‘razor disposal’ when you commence your hairy-journey, you’re still going to need it! Growing your beard is an intentional style change, so show that it is with good grooming as you grow. Invest time in creating a defined neckline – and keep it sharp and neat.

Take time to trim

Not all hairs grow at the same rate, so your beard will require regular trimming as it grows too. Brush your hairs downward (against the grain) to make the hairs stand out, and trim evenly as desired. This will keep your beard shapely as it grows. Use small sharp scissors to keep your moustache in shape and on stray hairs across the beard too.

Big softie

Both you and your ‘significant other’ will appreciate soft whiskers, so keep the beard healthy clean and soft with The Dandy Gent’s own Solid Bar Peppermint Beard Shampoo – it really is a stunning little ‘puck’ of minty joy – and 100% natural. Use it on your hair and body aswell.

Skin deep

Finally, out of sight should not be out of mind! Good healthy skin is even more important now your beard is growing nicely, and once you have a 3-5mm growth you should be ready to use a good Beard Oil. The Dandy Gent handmade Beard Oil contains natural oils that keep your skin conditioned and leaves your hair soft, healthy, fragrant and free from split ends. Use sparingly – just enough to feed your whiskers to the root. If you would like to find out more or need help getting your beard in shape visit our website:, or Facebook Page, and get in touch. If you’re in Derby, pop an see us – our quality barbers are always eager to advise, whether you are currently a customer or not.


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