We know that men’s grooming is enjoying a resurgence of popularity today, but did you know that ever since time began men have been wearing skin tonics, hair products and make-up to gain prominence in society and attract a mate?

As early as 10,000 BC men were grooming themselves using scented oils and ointments to clean and soften their skin and mask body odour. The earliest recorded items of Egyptian commerce included; spices, gums and other fragrant plants, used widely in men’s grooming and skin care products – and make-up.

Ancient Greeks, Romans and Vikings and all, were using cosmetics to elevate their status in battle, death and courtship alike. Victorians managed to snub out the use of make-up to a great extent, claiming it was the devil’s mark, but the use of products for healthy skin, hair and personal hygiene has been consistent throughout the make-ups and downs for men.

Treatments such as rosemary water for the hair, sage to whiten teeth, elderflower ointment for the skin and bathing in wine were commonplace amongst society’s finest during the reign of Elizabeth I – herself a famed advocate for the use of white lead and vinegar as a foundation!

Today, a gentleman’s grooming defines the man as much as ever – with role models in the world of movies, sports and music showing what a difference a little care and attention to your appearance can make.

“Any man can enhance his looks and stature – with the investment of a little money, yes, but more importantly the commitment to spend more time in front of the mirror.” Said Shane O’Shaughnessy, Master Barber and founder of The Dandy Gent range of traditional recipe, handmade grooming products.

“We don’t recommend you bathing in a few dozen bottles of Tesco’s finest Chard, but the use of quality cleansers, oils, balms and moisturisers are as relevant today as they have always have been.”

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