Have fun whilst getting fit!

Indoor Climbing

Over recent years climbing was considered to be an adrenaline sport that only few would have the nerve to  embark on.
Have you thought about climbing a 20 meter wall hanging on by your fingers? If so, then this
may spur you on to get out there and try Indoor Climbing!

With more and more climbing facilities popping up around the UK,  getting fit and having fun can be easy to do.
Indoor climbing is a great alternative to conventional fitness programs and a fab way to give yourself a full body work out and build both strength and cardio.You will find muscle groups that you didn’t know existed and test both your stamina and brainpower.

If your climbing for exercise, you will soon notice an increase in strength, especially in your shoulders arms and forearms down to your fingers and toes, as you hold your total body weight on small plastic moulds that protrude from the wall.

You will also have the added bonus of burning off a fair few calories, in fact around 750 calories an hour for the average person.

If you’ve had a tough day at work, then climbing is a way of letting go of those thoughts in your head as you need to remain focused on every single move of the climb, the intense concentration can be a big stress buster.

What to wear

Basically, you need to be comfortable. It can be pretty hot when climbing so it might not be a good idea to turn up in jeans. lycra or shorts are more ideal, but not too short as the leg hoops available at many climbing centres may be uncomfortable. Up top any thing that is loose fitting and again
comfortable is all you need. You will always get great advice from the climbing centre about what to wear including footwear.

What does it cost?

Price will vary depending on age, whether you require tuition and whether you sign up to a membership or pay by the hour or you have join as a family. Also, take into consideration whether the safety equipment is part of the fee before turning up.

Most centres will have concessions for students birthday parties and groups, and always keep an eye out for introductory offers online, this will give you a great opportunity to see whether it’s something you enjoy without paying full price.

Having Fun

If you are going to maintain any fitness program then having fun as got to be top of the list. At all climbing centres you will find something that challenges you ,whether you are a beginner or those of you that are more advanced. They also offer activities for children, fitness
programs and corporate days for team building events , so you can have fun and plenty of laughs with colleagues and friends.

Happy climbing!

Article Written By
Faiser Ali