With a little know-how it’s easy to turn your home into a cosy, stylish hideaway for the winter through home furnishings.

Oversized chunky knits and statement throws are a perfect way to transform the look and feel of a room, this is ideal if you have limited space and budget as throws and blankets are widely available.

Look at different colour schemes to embrace deeper tones such as winter blues and rich reds to add a touch of opulence to your room. Experiment with textures, suede and velvet cushions, they all add to being one step closer to your little winter retreat.

Look at the Artisan trend which embraces craft techniques and simple materials to make beautiful items to give your home a handmade, loved feel – this can be done by just placing a porcelain bowl on your table with pine cones, simple small touches that make a big difference to your home.

Update your home fragrance to cinnamons, frankincense and amber, rich warming scents will add to the ambience of your room by creating the aroma of an open crackling fire.

Complete your room with a sheepskin rug, this will not only give your toes a sensational touch but will make your room look the chicest, most comfortable room in the house.

By Faye Brookes