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Gemini gifts is a shop based in Derby that is family run and is owned by Kimberley and Lauren.

They hand-pick the most beautiful range of gifts like toys for children, children’s clothes, gifts for parents, adults clothes, cards, skin care and much more. They are always updating their stock monthly and are always looking for new and exciting things to sell.

Skin Care Gifts


Gemini Gifts have a range of skin care ranging from  Trees, Bees and Marshmallows with their natural, organic and pure products. This skin care range is made as fresh as possible and has the purest of ingredients to stop use of unnecessary chemicals on them and their baby’s skin.

Nursery gifts

Gemini gifts have a large range of nursery gifts like pictures, wardrobe dividers, memory boxes, room decorations, toys and more. All of these gifts are good quality.

Children’s gifts


They also have a lot are children’s gifts in stock. These are gifts like pictures, purses, plaques, toys, backpacks, notebooks, and more. All of these gifts are good quality and are suitable for children to enjoy.

Parent’s gifts


Gemini gifts have a large range of different gifts. They have multiple things like mugs, plaques, necklaces, clothes, cards and more. All of these gifts are good quality and are all reasonably priced.

About the business owners


Kimberley and Lauren are the owners of Gemini gifts. It has been a dream of theirs to open their online shop for some time. They are very keen to grow this store and are looking forward to the future of Gemini Gifts.


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