Frameless windows – The top home improvement trend for 2018

Trade Windows have been transforming homes since 1993, and since then, they’ve come to see many home improvement trends that don’t just add light and space, but style too. The latest being Lumi frameless windows. Here, Kathy Brighouse, Showroom Manager at the expert home improvement centre, talks about the beauty of Lumi windows.

We exclusively offer Lumi frameless windows, for a wall to wall glass feature with no raised or mounted frames for state of the art beauty.

Lumi frameless windows are the cutting edge style people are looking for to give their home that ‘Grand Designs’ feel.

Frameless windows will transform your home with their stunning beauty

Lumi frameless windows differ to any other window on the market as the frame is placed inside the glazed panes for more glass and considerably less frame. This innovative design is ideal for modern new builds, renovations of older properties, or if you’re looking to update your home and give it a special ‘wow’ factor. Our Lumi range will transform your windows from just a space in the wall to a stunning feature with large glazed areas without frames.

Add more light and space to your home with Lumi frameless windows

The absence of frames in our Lumi windows means more light can flood through, making the most of any natural light all year round This extra light creates a brighter, more open space, merging your home and your garden, allowing you to make the most of your views outside.

Not just a style trend, frameless windows can transform your home with functionality too

Frameless windows don’t just offer beauty, they come with a superior performance too. No raised or mounted frames means no painted surfaces and no exposed joints, giving you a clever, low maintenance feature as the window won’t corrode or damage no matter what the Derbyshire weather throws at them. This also takes away the hassle of having to paint or clean the frames, as all the windows will need to keep them looking brand new is some water and soap. The low maintenance nature of frameless windows means they’re a feature that will last and last for years to come.

Frameless windows that lock out the weather

One of the reasons Lumi frameless windows are so popular is that they’re installed with triple glazing as standard to offer exceptional thermal insulation and energy efficiency. This makes Lumi windows an investment, as the 50mm glazing not only looks impressive, but will protect your home against the colder weather too, saving you money on heating bills. Triple glazing is also ideal if you live near a busy road, bars or pubs, or the airport as the high-performance glass can provide excellent noise reduction.

Less frames doesn’t mean less security

Keeping your property protected against any opportunist burglars will always be important, no matter what the current home improvement trends are. We install our Lumi windows with toughened safety glass on all 3 layers as standard to protect your home from any break ins. A feature to look for when picking new windows is to check whether they’re Secured By Design. All of our windows, including our Lumi windows, are Secured By Design accredited to offer your home optimum security. Lumi windows also feature an exclusive brake lock system which allows the window to be locked into any opening position simply by using the window’s handle, and are fitted with anti-pick, anti-bump, anti-drill and anti-snap cylinder lock barrels as standard.

Come and see our Lumi frameless windows at our Derby showroom

We predict frameless windows will be a window style that will remain popular for years to come with their state of the art beauty, innovative design, low maintenance, impressive insulation and high security. We’ve installed a Lumi stand at our recently updated showroom which has proven incredibly popular. To get a feel for how frameless windows can transform your home, visit our showroom on London Road, Derby, or call us on 01332 755551 to chat to one of our home improvement experts.