Delicious Street food

An Insight By Kimren Basi

If you’re a foodie then tasting delights and flavours from around the world is a treat at any time of the year. But as we are soon embarking on the days of food festivals, concerts and carnivals,

I’m savvy has decided to give you some insight into the increasing popular choice of affordable, delightfully tasting, real food with fantastic flavours…Street food!

Street Food…The origins!

You might find yourself asking “what is street food and where did it begin”?

Well, Street Food is an international, casual type of dining, and dates back to the ancient times, from the 14th century Egypt, street food consisted of lamb kebabs and rice, to Aztecs street food vendors in the marketplaces serving up tamales with different kinds of prepared meat.

During the American Colonial period, the street food was sold in the form of tripe, oysters, roasted corn ears, fruit and sweets. Fried strips of potato were sold on the streets of Paris in 19th century and were the origin of French fries. Transylvanian vendors of the same time sold cookies, cream mixed with corn, and bacon.

Street Food Today!

In today’s day and age, street food is sold by vendors in carts, bicycles and event shop fronts. British Street Food has considerably evolved in recent years, It is estimated that there are around 2000 street food businesses trading and touring all over the UK. As technology and food has developed, the days of plain burgers with flaccid white buns and greasy donuts are no more. It is mow internationally inspired, freshly prepared and locally-produced cuisine, which draws together passionate traders working from cafes and revamped trailers that the masses are starting to flock to.

The Street Food Revolution is coming to town!

Street food started in Asia, is massive in America, and now Europe’s getting a taste of the action too. Especially the UK. Street food is a must have for people who enjoy great food while being out and about.  Fun food festivals, cafes and night events serve up a wide variety of food to an exceptional standard. Featuring cuisines from around the world including Thai, Mexican, Indian and Chinese just to name a few.

British Vendors are pushing boundaries and inventing new street food fusions all the time. Street food is slowly creeping indoors as restaurants are joining the revolution and adding street food to their menus.

You will find street food on the menus of many innovative restaurants both in and out of the city, one such place in Derby that is embracing street food is The Palfrey. Nestled in the Old Blacksmith Yard on Friar Gate, this family run business owned by mother and daughter Sharon and Amie has been busy creating food not to be missed. They have created a new lunchtime menu with a street food theme that is most definitely worth a try.

So there you have it!

A Savvy insight into street food. We hope we have your taste buds tingling and ready to Enjoy street food where ever you may be. From spicy fish tacos, caramelised nuts and honey-fried chicken burgers, street food has become a socially well-adjusted concept, which is bringing people together to enjoy finger-licking food!

Sponsored by The Palfrey