Hosted in the beautifully refurbished Old Bell Hotel, the Belfry Steakhouse is a collection of intimate dining rooms and bars that capture the essence of traditional steakhouses. Experience some of the best British beef cooked to perfection by their expert Chefs using the finest local produce. They care about their ingredients to bring you the best flavours served by people who love what they do.

Located in the heart of Derby’s Cathedral Quarter the Belfry Steakhouse is a meat lovers paradise. Their collection of traditional Steak Rooms offer you an intimate dining experience steeped in history and atmosphere. Enjoy great tasting steaks that have been aged, cut and prepared locally. Book a table and experience some of the best Steaks in Derby.

Premium Steaks

Their steaks are carefully sourced and aged to maximise their flavour and carefully cooked by our expert chefs to your taste. They care about where they get their steaks as it has a huge impact on their flavour. Through careful selection of local suppliers their chefs approve each cut so they can proudly serve it in their steak restaurant

They bring you your favourite steak dishes as well as exclusive specials to give you the best steak experience.

Beautiful Atmosphere

Hosted on the first floor of The Old Bell Hotel on Sadler Gate their Steak Restaurant Derby captures the history of the building, down to the William Morris wallpaper on the ceiling. Inspired by Derby’s historic venues and traditional style steakhouses they provide you with a rich atmosphere to enjoy fantastic steaks.

Relax in their traditional Belfry bar before being seated in one of their 3 steak rooms, each with a historic story to tell. With the option for private dining enjoy their fantastic dishes with friends and family.


51B Sadler Gate


Saturday 12:00pm – 2:30pm

Wednesday – Saturday  5:30pm – 10pm



Tel: 01332 974174                    Website