Don Amott Caravans & Motorhomes is an award winning family dealership for caravans and motorhomes at a very good and reasonable price. Also they have a massive assortment of caravans and motor homes to choose from, because of this I can be certain in saying that they have one of the largest ranges of caravans in the UK.


Also in June of last year Don Amott won the award for being the family business of the year, and it is clear why they won, because of the clear family like bond between them and them and their workers, most of them have been working there for over 25 years.

When the business had just started it was run by Don Amott senior in 1963, and his son joined the business after leaving school in 1965. But he would not take charge of the business in till 1975, and he has been running the business since that day.

Another great thing about Don Amott Caravans & Motorhomes is that they have a massive selection of motorhomes and caravans and here are a couple of the ones you can choose from.


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