Derventio Brewery, based in Darley Abbey in Derby, is an independent microbrewery.

The company, set up by three railway engineers in 2005, has grown over the years and is now a very popular independent brewer. Between 2005 and 2008, Derventio increased in size with the addition of a six barrel brewery, bottling equipment, and a brewery tap facility. Producing a range of diverse beers all year round and offering some unique services and experiences, Derventio have been recognised with various rewards and continues to attract customers.

The name Derventio comes from Celtic origin, and means “The Market in the Oaks”. This Celtic/Roman theme is continued by the naming of the beers, with names such as Centurion, Venus and Caesar, among others. Today, Derventio produce 4 diverse beers:

  • Barbarian (Stout 5.5%)
  • Cleopatra (Amber ABV 5%)
  • Gold (Pale Ale 4.2%)
  • Venus (Pale Ale 5%)

These beers are produced all year round, and Derventio also produce many seasonal brews. This variety is perfect for anyone, from beer enthusiasts to casual drinkers; you can buy beer in a box or bottled by the case.

Also Derventio have brewed a new beer called Nova 4.2% IPA that will be on sale in cask next week and for Valentines they have brought back our Cupid 4.1% pale ale with honey (Little Friends Honey of Derby).

Championship Beer of Britain bronze winner with Cleopatra 5% (pale with apricot) in the speciality section. (The only East Midlands brewery to be a finalist in the competition)

Label of the year 2018 with Heir 5% pilsner judged by the Labologist’s Society.

As well as the beers, Derventio Brewery offer many services, including a brewery tour and a “Day with the Brewer” experience. These are great opportunities for you to get an insight into the company, and understand the everyday life of a brewer. With great reviews, these services are worth experiencing if you have a couple of hours spare.

The company website allows to you view the various beers, and it includes an online store where you can purchase beer and even a few items of clothing.  The company itself is enrolled in the SIBA Food Safety and Quality Scheme (Society of Independent Brewers).

Be sure to visit the Derventio Brewery, as well as their website and social media pages:

Address:  The Brew Shed, Darley Abbey Mills, Darley Abbey, Derby, DE22 1DZ