If you love animals and want to learn about farming, where your food comes from and get general information about the countryside then you really need to stop by the livestock section when visiting Derbyshire County Show. We have a dedicated committee with a wealth of showing experience and animal knowledge to allow us to run three great sections within livestock; cattle, sheep and shires.

Swing by the cattle lines and see how much preparation goes into getting these beautiful animals ready for the show ring. We have both dairy and beef classes including the young handler classes which is so important to encourage and the next generation of exhibitors and farmers. Check out the size of the British Charolais, British Limousin and British Blue compared to the little Dexter and how pretty are the Highland Cattle with their gorgeous hair? And if you get time, pop into the secretary tent and say hi to Debbie our Cattle Secretary. Debbie processes all the paperwork for the cattle exhibitors, liaises with DEFRA and all the Cattle Breed Societies to ensure we have everything in place to run cattle classes in accordance with the societies and government guidelines.

You’ll know when you’ve reached the sheep by the noise, here’s a baa, there’s a baa everywhere’s a baabaa…. Just like the cattle and shires the sheep get top notch salon treatment to make the best of their features. Again our classes include one for young handlers but you’ll also see Jacob, British Charollais, Texel, Beltex and many different Native and Continental breeds.

We get a good number of shires horses at the show too, they really are a beautiful gentle giant. You also get to see the mares with their foals as we hold a class for both Mare with Foal at Foot and a Foal class. At the end of the shire classes we have again a young handler class and the Trade/Agricultural Turnout Classes where the horses are dressed up in brasses and pull drays, it’s a magnificent site to see. Sadly, the Shire Horse is decreasing in numbers as they aren’t used on farms anymore as their horse power has been replaced by tractors and machinery that can do their work a lot faster. If you get a moment check out www.shire-horse.org.uk/save-our-shires to see how you can help this graceful animal which was once man’s best friend.


Whilst in you’re in the secretary tent saying hi to Debbie, also have a chat with Jeannette who is our Sheep and Shire Secretary. Like Debbie, Jeannette processes all the paperwork for the sheep and shire exhibitors, liaises with the Shire Horse Society and the Sheep Breed Societies to ensure we have everything in place to run sheep and shire classes in accordance with the societies and government guidelines.

We really would love to see you in Livestock so please come along and show your support to these fantastic animals and their wonderful owners, after all where would we all be without our British Farmers putting food on our tables and keeping the countryside well maintained for everyone to enjoy.