The countryside area will display some of the skills used in the countryside – Dry Stone Walling and Hedge laying together with many other interesting attractions including a display of falconry birds; fly tying and casting; stickmakers; Derbyshire Angling Club; Rare Breeds; The Woolley Roadshow and the NFU Discovery Barn.

Dry Stone Walling

The Derbyshire Dry Stone Walling Association will be on hand to explain how dry-stone walls have been part of the landscape in the UK for thousands of years, and their dedication to protect this rich history whilst demonstrating how it is done.

The DDSWA raise awareness of the importance of the dry-stone wall and its heritage to both the general public, land owners and the government. The Association runs courses throughout the year to maintain the skills of looking after and building new walls, not only for this generation but so that these skills are passed down to the next generation of stone wallers. If you are interested in having a go, visit their website for further details.

Hedge laying

The traditional English hedgerow serves as an impenetrable stock-proof barrier to safeguard, protect and shelter sheep and cattle – and with skilled, regular management and trimming these natural, living fences can last for generations. Hedgerows also provide unique habitats for many of the nation’s most endangered species, including hundreds of plants, insects, birds and small mammals.

There are dozens of styles of hedge-laying, most serving the objective of keeping livestock in the correct space or field. The Derbyshire style of hedge-laying is particularly good for keeping sheep and cattle in their rightful place.’